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Data Data on CRM desiged in Ukraine, which were recorded in the State Register of Ukraine as of 31.12.2015 year.

The register ICRMs, which is located on the Web-page of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (ICSMC) 

To the attention of the heads of regional centers belonging to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

For work on validation of reference materials

to application during verification of legally regulated means of measuring equipment

You need to provide applications in the attached form

  • 210 SOU ISJA 00.210 2019.pdfInstruction on the determination of the suitability of reference materials for use during the verification of legally regulated measuring instruments SOU ISYA / 00.210: 2019
  • 280 SOU SSZ NJA-7.1 280 2020.pdfQuality guidelines for confirming the competence of manufacturers of reference materials (standard samples) in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 17034

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