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Metrology is impossible without research, which, in turn, form the basis of most of metrology. Only the best modern measuring devices enable new discoveries, and only really developed metrology may continue to be partners of science, industry and trade. The global economy also depends on reliable measurements and tests of trust internationally. And, because it is a global assessment, it must be, first of all, an internationally recognized higher metrological hierarchy elements of the country - the national standards. 

National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology" conducts basic and applied scientific research in the field of metrology and performs research work related to the creation, enhancement, storage, use of primary and secondary standards, the creation of transmission systems of units of measurement, development of normative documents Metrology, the formation of the state programs in metrology and the concept of development of the state metrological system and performs the state metrological control and scientific and methodological support of metrology in Ukraine.

History of the National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology" began with the opening in Kharkiv in 1901, the first in Ukraine to check tents Verification and stamping of weights and measures trade.