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"Ukrainian Metrological Journal" is the professional edition and published articles in it are counted in defense of dissertations. Therefore, according to the decree of the presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine "On increasing requirements for professional publications, listed HAC Ukraine" dated 15.01.2003 № 7-05 / 1 Printable accepted only research articles that have the following elements: "problem definition and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications in which a solution of this problem and relied upon by; sorting out the unsolved aspects of the problem, which the article is devoted; formulation purposes of article (problem); the main material studies with full justification of scientific results; the findings of this study and further research in this direction. "

Articles submitted to the journal must have metrological nature.

Article filed Ukrainian, Russian or English in electronic form. Each page on one side of a standard sheet of paper (A4). The article (in a column) and tables should be typed Times New Roman font editor Microsoft Word, font size 14, 1,5-spaced tables - font size 12 with 1.5 spacing; upper and lower field -2 cm, Left - 2,5 cm, Right - 1,5 cm; paragraph -1.25 cm. The words are separated by only one space.

The first page of the article is put UDC (Universal Decimal Classifier).

Abbreviations, names, weights, physical, chemical, mathematical variables and terms must be accepted, submitted unit system SI.

List of references made in order to use sources in the text regardless of the language in strict accordance with the ISO 8302:2015 "Сitation. The terms and rules of making". References have not published works are not allowed.

Tables and references to them should have serial numbers.

Formulas must be submitted in formats Microsoft Equation 3.0 and MathType and numbered in parentheses to the right. Only numbered formulas, which are text links. Variable mathematical value directly in the text typed in Latin letters in italics, matrix, vector – bold Greek symbols – the font Symbol.

Pictures insert into a document without text wrapping. Charts execute the program MS Excel and import the document as pictures. Complex drawings carry a separate editor.Illustrations (black and white), executed not in the graphics editor Word, should be provided in separate files in format tif, bmp, jpg density of DPI 300-600 dpi. Each formula, table, picture have to be сitation in the text.

To the Editor sent to:

  • article in electronic format doc, docx;
  • output figures, graphs; photos – separate files;
  • paper title, author's names in original language and English;
  • brief summary Ukrainian or Russian (depending on the language of the article) and English;
  • keywords (5-6 words in the original language and in English) which should represent the content of the article;
  • information about authors (full name and surname in full, position, academic degree and title, place roboats, city, home and work addresses, contact numbers, e-mail of each author of the article) - on a separate sheet;
  • photo by official statthose in jpg or bmp;
  • official letter from the institution where the work done by the name or scientific chief editor signed by the head of the organization where the author works;
  • review article from the institution;
  • along with the article to the editor should be presented a paper on the possibility of open publishing and authors consent to the spread of the Internet (scan signed by authors);
  • the articles must meet international standards.

Materials article should be sent by email to e-mail: journal(at)

The magazine can be subscribed at all post offices (subscription index - 40515).