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The certification and conformity assessment body "Metrology" of the National Science Center "Institute of Metrology" is accredited for carrying out works on conformity assessment under three technical regulations:

• Technical regulations on essential requirements for measuring instruments,

• Technical regulations for non-automatic weighing devices,

• Technical regulation of legally regulated measuring instruments

The conformity assessment works are carried out in accordance with the modules provided by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #95 of 13.01.2016.

Method. The order of application of certificates and marks of conformity    [Download]

Instruction. Rules for determining the cost of certification and conformity assessment work    [Download]

Instruction. Applying for conformity assessment and certification works    [Download]

Instruction. The order of carrying out works on conformity assessment of measuring equipment    [Download]

Regulations on the Board of Appeal of the Body for Certification and Conformity Assessment of "Metrology" of the National Scientific Center "Institute of Metrology" (OOV "Metrology")    [Download]

Method. Organization of advertising work    [Download]

Instruction. The procedure for suspension or renewal, extension or reduction of the scope of certification    [Download]

Instruction. The order of recognition of the results of works for the purpose of verification (type approval) of measuring equipment held by other countries    [Download]

Certification procedure for quality management systems    [Download]