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Media "Vryemya"

Tetyana Buryakovska. The road - like a mirror. And our reality is one // Vrєmya, 30/11/2016 [Read more...]  

Media "Vryemya"

Tetyana Buryakovska. Most precision time of Ukraine located in Kharkiv // Vryemya, 10/29/2016 [Read more...

A photo ORION TV channel

Photos of the X International scientific-technical conference "Metrology and Measuring Equipment" in Kharkiv:


Media "Vryemya"

Articles of Tatiana Bereza, columnist "Vryemya":

In Kharkiv State came standard Ohm // Vryemya, 07/10/2016 [Read more...]

Sweet my bulb, say... // Vryemya, 10/10/2016 [Read more... ]

Calibration counter home // Vryemya, 10/17/2016 [Read more...]

Interview "Ukrainian Radio 1" (the first channel of the National Radio of Ukraine)