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Simon TV Channel

"Kharkiv - The Capital of Metrology" - an interview with the Director General of the NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ph.D., Assoc. PI Neezhmakov in the studio of the TV channel "Simon"

The newspaper "Sloboda region"

"Kharkiv metrologists will join the historical change of units of measurement" - the news on the site of the newspaper "Slobidsky kray", devoted to the XI International scientific and technical conference "Metrology and measuring equipment"

Media "Vryemya"

Tetyana Buryakovska. The road - like a mirror. And our reality is one // Vrєmya, 30/11/2016 [Read more...]  

Media "Vryemya"

Tetyana Buryakovska. Most precision time of Ukraine located in Kharkiv // Vryemya, 10/29/2016 [Read more...

A photo ORION TV channel

Photos of the X International scientific-technical conference "Metrology and Measuring Equipment" in Kharkiv:


Media "Vryemya"

Articles of Tatiana Bereza, columnist "Vryemya":

In Kharkiv State came standard Ohm // Vryemya, 07/10/2016 [Read more...]

Sweet my bulb, say... // Vryemya, 10/10/2016 [Read more... ]

Calibration counter home // Vryemya, 10/17/2016 [Read more...]

Interview "Ukrainian Radio 1" (the first channel of the National Radio of Ukraine)