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X International Scientific & Technical Conference

X International Scientific & Technical Conference

“Metrology and Measurement Techniques”

(Metrology – 2016)


X international scientific and technical conference “Metrology and Measurement Techniques” (Metrology – 2016) was held on 5-7 October 2016 at the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology”. It was dedicated to the issues of the current state of methodology, regulatory framework, measuring techniques and metrological provision in different types of measurements.

The conference was attended by experts in the field of metrology, standardization and measurement techniques, professors and graduate students of higher educational institutions. 133 reports from 7 countries - Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan were presented.

8 thematic sections were working at the conference.

Two Round Table meetings took place within the conference – “Metrology in rocket and space techniques”, “Main directions of improvement of the national metrology system.”

Much attention was paid to both conventional and new relevant areas in modern metrology: redefinition of SI base units, high technologies (including additive technologies), energy efficiency, economic aspects of metrology. The subjects of papers presented at the conference cover a wide range of problems: from quantum metrology (Josephson effect) and nanotechnology to geodesy, geophysics and measurements carried out with the use of space objects (issues related to measurement accuracy using the global navigation satellite systems), metrological provision of Earth observation from space, economic aspects of metrology.