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13th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training"

On 18-19 May 2016 according to the schedule of meetings of COOMET structural bodies in Braunschweig, Germany, the 13th meeting of COOMET Technical Committee of TC 4 "Information and Training" was held.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the results of TC 4 in 2015-2016 and the tasks of development for 2017.

Members of TC 4 and their representatives from 9 COOMET member-countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine) participated in the 13th meeting of TC 4 “Information and Training”.

14 issues were discussed on the agenda at the meeting, including:

• main results of activity of COOMET TC 4 in 2015 - 2016;

• realization of Work Program of COOMET TC 4 for 2015 - 2017;

• training on the base of module approach;

• activity of Subcommittees of TC 4;

• new Project of PTB - COOMET;

• conducting VII International competition "The best young COOMET metrologist 2017".

The detailed information about the implementation of decisions of the 12th meeting of TC 4 and state of realization of Work Program of TC 4 for 2015 – 2017 was given, as well as about the decisions made during the 20th COOMET President’s Council meeting and the 26th COOMET Committee meeting. During the discussion of Work Program there were proposed new directions of TC 4 activity: analysis of national training programs in NMI and metrologists of COOMET member-countries; analysis of the qualification requirements of specialists-metrologists of COOMET member-countries and the development of standard form for presenting information from member-countries and COOMET TC at informational COOMET resources. COOMET Vice-President, Chairperson of TC 4 P. Neyezhmakov informed the participants of the meeting about the results of TC 4 activity in 2015-2016 as well as about the conducted events within TC 4.

Members of TC 4 or their representatives from COOMET member-countries exchanged the experience of practical training and raising proficiency level of specialists–metrologists in their countries.

Among the participants of the meeting there was held a discussion and opinion exchange concerning the training practice in their countries and possibilities of experience application of other RMOs in training and raising proficiency level in organizing training workshops within COOMET.

C. Kroner (РТВ, Technical University of Braunshweig, Germany) presented the information about International Graduate School of Braunschweig, about the directions of work of school and cooperation with PTB.

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and the Technical University (TU) Braunschweig cooperate closely in the support and mentoring of doctoral candidates in metrology and have founded a joint graduate school under the name of "Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology" (B-IGSM). Within the scope of a structured doctoral program, the graduate school offers doctoral candidates from the field of electrical engineering and information technology, physics, mechanical engineering and life sciences well-founded metrological training. The events offered comprise lectures, seminars, topic workshops and international summer schools. The B-IGSM continues the tradition of the former graduate school of the same name which had been operated by TU Braunschweig with the participation of PTB, and with financial support by the State of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). Since its foundation, approx. 50 doctoral candidates from 20 countries have passed through the graduate school and left it with a doctor's degree and the IGSM metrology certificate.

The idea of the graduate school: Doctoral candidates who conduct research in subjects related to metrology and measurement accuracy are provided with assistance and well-directed support on the part of the B-IGSM, while they write their doctoral thesis. Scientists from PTB and TU Braunschweig jointly supervise the doctoral program and impart metrological concepts and principles in courses and lectures.

Information about module approach in training of specialists of measuring, calibrating and testing laboratories, about perspectives of development and implementation of new training modules was presented to the participants during the meeting.

In connection with the change of TC 4 member from Russia question about the candidate for Chairperson of SC 4.3 was considered at the meeting. For this position there was proposed the candidature of Deputy Chairperson of SC 4.3 V. Lobko (BelGIM, Belarus).

At the meeting there was taken a decision to conduct VII International competition “The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET” on 17-18 May, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Т. Dziomba (РТВ, Germany) informed about the competition of young metrologists, conducted by PTB and proposed to TC 4 the support in organization and conducting the next competition of COOMET.

During the meeting there was raised the problem of providing information on the pages of countries and COOMET technical committees. Due to the fact that the technical editors of countries and TCs are constantly changing, there occurred the need of conducting the next workshop for new technical editors of COOMET as well as for developing the new standard form for providing information at COOMET web-portal.

During the meeting for the participants there was organized a visit to the division of PTB "Scientific and Measuring techniques" - workshops. The staff of division consists of about 70 specialists, including trades.

The Scientific Instrumentation Section designs and manufactures measuring instruments and test equipment as required for the complex tasks to be carried out by the PTB's specialist sections.

The Design Group develops new high-precision, long-term stable measuring instruments and test equipment, which will be offered as well as modifications to existing equipment.

In the working group Fabrication of Measuring Instruments held the assembly of the measuring instruments and test equipment.

In the working group Manufacturing of Components parts made of different materials are manufactured with high accuracy.

The central task of the Working Group Surface Technology has optimized the production of material for all surfaces at the PTB occurring applications.

In the Department of Scientific Instrumentation of the training takes place for professional precision mechanics with a focus on precision engineering. Learn up to 16 trainees for 3 ½ years, a variety of craft techniques and deepen them in the practical application.

The Importance of precision manufacturing and the diverse functions of PTB are also reflected in the training by the trainees are also involved in the constructions of new measuring and test equipment with. Not only the students benefit from the comprehensive training range. PTB may also rely on the training highly qualified specialists.

Last time the activity within TC 4 "Information and Training" gained new forms. The Technical Committee deals with such directions as: assistance in developing the bases of metrological infrastructure; COOMET information resources; training and work with young metrologists. An advanced direction of activity is the development of programs and distance training courses.

Guide of this TC and participation in its work allows to the representatives of Ukraine to influence the development of COOMET in general as well as metrological infrastructures of the countries of Central Asia and Caucasus in particular.

Next VII International competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" will be held in English with the participation of other regional metrological organizations.