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26th COOMET Committee meeting


On 19-21 April, 2016, according to the schedule of meetings of COOMET structural bodies, the 26th meeting of COOMET Committee and the 14th meeting of COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards were held. The meetings took place in Erevan, Armenia.

The objectives of the activities were to discuss issues on COOMET development, implementation of the "Arrangement on Mutual Recognition of National Measurement Standards and Calibration and Measurement Certificates Issued by National Metrology Institutes" (CIPM MRA), performance results in "Legal Metrology", "Information and Training", "Quality Management" and cooperation with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and the International Bureau of Legal Metrology (BIML).

On April 19, 2016, the 14th meeting of COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards was held, during which the Chairpersons of Technical Committees made presentations on the TC activities in 2015 and tasks for 2016. COOMET Vice-President and official representative of COOMET in Joint Committee of Regional Metrological Organisations (RMO) and BIPM (JCRB) P. Neyezhmakov has made a report about the state of comparisons and CMC-review of COOMET.

COOMET Committee members and their official representatives, Chairpersons of COOMET Technical Committees and representatives of COOMET National Secretariats from 12 COOMET member-countries (Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), representatives of international metrological organizations: A. Henson, Director of the International Liaison and Communication Department of the BIPM, Ya. Danmil, Deputy Director of the BIML, and S. Shuying, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Metrology (NIM) of China, together with other representatives of NIM took part in the 26th COOMET Committee meeting.

18 agenda issues were considered at the meeting, including:

• joining of the National Institute of Metrology of China the COOMET;

• approval of new COOMET Vice-Presidents;

• distribution of authorities between President and Vice-President of COOMET;

• main results of COOMET activities in 2015;

• set of issues related to the implementation of CIPM MRA;

• results of the 34th and 35th meeting of JCRB and the 50th meeting of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML) and COOMET tasks arising from its decisions;

• COOMET Quality Forum activities;

• COOMET activity in Legal Metrology;

• COOMET activity in Information and Training;

• establishment of COOMET structural bodies and appointment of Chairpersons of Technical Committees and Subcommittees.

During the 26th meeting of COOMET Committee Memorandum of Understanding of COOMET was signed by Deputy Director of National Institute of Metrology of China S. Shuying. NIM of China was joined to COOMET as an Associated member.

The candidates of new Vice-Presidents of COOMET were approved at the meeting. Members of COOMET President’s Council agreed the new distribution of authorities between President and Vice-President of COOMET. The duties of new Vice-Presidents include coordination of activities of COOMET member-countries, related to the standards and implementation of CIPM MRA (V. Mikhalchenko, Kazakhstan) and coordination of activities on standardization in metrology, interaction with international and regional organizations on standardization such as EASC, ISO, EN, CASCO etc. (V. Gurevich, Belarus).

COOMET Secretariat provided information on the implementation of decisions of the 25th COOMET Committee meeting.

When considering issues related to the implementation of CIPM MRA, the significant attention was paid to the carrying out comparisons of measurement standards of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) of COOMET member countries. It was noted that the tendency for increasing the total number of published in the key comparisons database of BIPM (KCDB) CMC-entries of COOMET member countries remains. The total number of CMC-entries of Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine (data provided by COOMET), also Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey (data provided by the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET)) is 5131.

P. Neyezhmakov as COOMET Vice-President responsible for the cooperation with the JCRB, reported on the JCRB activities and decisions related to the implementation of CIPM MRA, including: organizing and conducting comparisons, preparation of CMCs, conducting regional and interregional peer review of CMCs. The information was provided on COOMET participation in interregional peer review of CMC-entries of other Regional Metrological Organizations (RMOs). Following the discussion of these issues the several decisions were adopted related to the quality of intraregional peer reviews of CMC-entries and the shortening of terms of interregional ones.

The participants of the meeting discussed in detail the results of the 34th and 35th meetings of JCRB, the 50th meeting of CIML and the RLMO Round Table and COOMET tasks arising from its decisions.

Chairpersons of COOMET Quality Forum and TC 3.1 "Technical Committee of COOMET Quality Forum" provided information on the activities on the organizing and conducting of peer reviews of quality management systems in NMIs as a necessary component of the implementation of CIPM MRA.

TC 4 Chairperson P. Neyezhmakov informed the participants of the meeting and provided the report on activities of Technical Committee TC 4 "Information and training" in 2015, conducted training seminars and preparation for the . VII International Competition Международному конкурсу "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 2017", that will be held on 17-18 May, 2017, in Astana, Kazakhstan.

During the meeting a number of COOMET were considered and approved, including the developed COOMET Documents D5.17/2016 "Regulation on the COOMET appeal" СООМЕТ D11/2016 "The procedure of using the logo of COOMET".

During the meeting the authorities of Chairpersons were prolonged:

- ТC 1.2 "Acoustics, ultrasound and vibration" V. Pozdeeva, BelGIM, Belarus;

- ТC 1.6 "Mass and related quantities" I. Kolozinskaya, NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine;

- ТC 1.8 "Physics and Chemistry" L. Konopelko, VNIIM, Russia;

- ТC 1.12 "Reference Materials" S. Medvedevskih, UNIIM, Russia.

For the considerable personal contribution to the COOMET activities, the title "Honorary Metrologist of COOMET" was awarded to M. Denisova (Kyrgyzstan), I. Voytek (Belarus), О. Doynikov (Russia) and R. Sergienko (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine).

The next 27th meeting of COOMET Committee meeting and the 15th COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards is planned to be held in Minsk, Belarus, in April 2017