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Service of Universal Time and Reference Frequencies (hereinafter referred to as the STF) established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On metrology and metrological activity" (Section 2 Article 9) [Read more]. STF activity is regulated by "Regulation on the State Service of Universal Time and Reference Frequencies", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 2.09.2015 number 664.

The STF consists of:

The State Commission of Universal Time and Reference Frequencies that is a permanent body on coordination of activities related to the time measurements and determining, management and controlling of the STF work, preparation of proposals on changing the procedure of the time calculation in the territory of Ukraine;

The STF Ukrainian Metrological Center at the National Scientific Center "Institute of Metrology" of Ministry of Economic Development that coordinates the scientific and metrological activities of departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations within the STF and their operational management in respect of the STF;

Center of STF Metrological Control at the Scientific Metrological Centre (of military measurement standards) of the Ministry of Defense that carries out operational control of reference signal of time and frequency used by the Armed Forces, provides uniformity and accuracy of time and frequency measurements within the Armed Forces and other military units, cooperation with the Ukrainian Metrological Center and organizes the work of regional subdivisions of metrological control of the Ministry of Defense;

Ukrainian Center for the Determining of the Parameters of the Earth's Rotation in the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences that coordinates the activities on the determining of universal time and Earth rotation parameters, performed by astronomical observatories, stations of laser observations of artificial satellites, receivers of signals of space navigation systems, stations of the very large baseline interferometers, which perform observations with the purpose of determining the parameters of the Earth's rotation.


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