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RL-20 in the NC-2 NSC "Institute of Metrology" is developing a means of measuring techniques in the field of time and frequency measurement and metrological support.

Laboratory team made ​​their applications: 

- rubidium standard of frequency and time;
- radio-television comparator  ПКТ;
- phase comparator PC-1;
- phase comparator automated model Ч7-42;
- microwave frequency synthesizers;
- Interface Converter GPIB - RS-232. 

May be made another measuring equipment according to customer requirements. The customer can be supplied information-measuring system (including network) containing manufactured equipment.

A renovation and modernization of frequency standards, СЧВ-74, Ч1-69, Ч1-73. We provide the connection of made ​​or upgraded frequency standards to a remote control for the state primary standard of time and frequency of Ukraine.

Orders for the development and deployment of synchronization of computer networks using a variety of tools to synchronize. 

Produced renovation and modernization of the instrumentation of any complexity.

Phone #: (057) 704-98-20, 704-97-74
Е-mail: nil20(at)metrology.kharkov.ua