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Head organization to provide the uniformity of measurements of quantities (length, displacement, flat and complex geometric shapes, roughness, roundness, gearing, coordinate measuring machines, etc.) and is accredited as a National Testing Center of the species measurements.

Created and are functioning two state and two secondary standard - the basis of metrological support engineering, and working standard of the 1st category for measuring the thickness of thin films and coatings.

The standard line-geodesic polygon provides all surveying, including certification of the different types of EDM, total stations, GPS receivers global navigation systems and many others.

Now the laboratory has a metrological services for the State Inspection and testing, certification, verification and calibration of bar and end measures of length, surface roughness, the teeth, the measures roundness and sphericity, flatness and straightness, kinematomerov, various types of range finders, total stations and receivers GPS, movement sensor, coordinate measuring machines, products with complex surface and carries out the repair of measuring equipment of any complexity.

Laboratory certifies geodetic bases, and other precision structures, as well as monitoring their progress in the course of operation.In the laboratory, can be developed and manufactured following measuring means:

  • Stand for verification theodolites; 
  • Meter movements (interferometer); 
  • Precision tools for the assembly of complex objects; 
  • Rangefinder attachment on a theodolite; 
  • Precision range finder; 
  • Topographical range finder; 
  • A device for verification of surface cleanliness; 
  • Measuring monitoring system of geometric parameters of large cylindrical bodies.

Can be made the complex of metrological work, including:

  • Calibration of all types of devices and measurement of gear teeth gears by means of measurements of the highest accuracy in the Ukraine;
  • Measurement of misalignment (flatness) of the surfaces with high accuracy;
  • Carrying out measurements of parameters of non-standard products with the issuance of certificates;
  • Measurement of ultrathin coatings (nanometrology) on the working standard of the 1st category;
  • Development of technical documentation - measurement procedures, methods of checking, etc. in the field of geometric measurements and approval of their methods in the rank of the institute;
  • Calibration measures for roundness checking.

Can be made:

  • Measures the angle line tooth pitch diameter 100 mm and 200 mm, width 70 mm, angles 00, 150 and 300 of the left and right slopes from the certificates (made in Germany);
  • Gears as working standards module 2 to 8 mm certificates (made in Germany);
  • Sets up the disks involute Generating and without them;
  • Overhead measuring instrument of gear teeth for step tooth offset normalemery module from 2 mm.

Phone #: (057) 704-97-85
Е-mail: kupko(at)metrology.kharkov.ua