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Fields of activity:

In the field of metrology:

  • research in the field of IT, including data transmission technologies, and measurement assurance of measuring equipment using modern IT;
  • database design;
  • development and maintenance of software and hardware;
  • metrological certification of software of measuring instruments;
  • performance of work related to testing software of measuring instruments;
  • development of regulatory documents (ND) and methods of evaluation software of measuring instruments;
  • computerization of scientific, managerial, scientific and technical activities of the Institute;
  • participation in international scientific and technical cooperation:
    • performance of the functions of the National Secretariat of COOMET (coomet(at)metrology.kharkov.ua);
    • scientific and methodological work under the guidance of the international metrological organizations (CGPM, EURAMET, etc.);
    • coordination of cooperation with the national metrology institutes;
  • patent and licensing work:
    • processing applications for the patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs, as well as the registration of trademarks;
    • advise on the establishment of patent and licensing departments in enterprises and organizations;
    • providing assistance to the authors in the design and protection of their rights;

In the field of standardization:

  • development of normative documents in the field of IT;
  • holding updating of existing rules, regulations and procedures in the field of IT and their harmonization with international instruments;
  • examination of inter-state and international regulations in the field of IT to determine the feasibility of their use in Ukraine.

The center is conducted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "On metrology and metrological activity", "On a national program of information", "On priority directions of science and technology".

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