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According to the schedule of carrying out of the meetings of structural bodies the 24th meeting of the COOMET Committee and the 12th meeting of the Joint Committee of COOMET on Standards were held within the period from 15 till 17 April, 2014. The meetings were held in Yekaterinburg, the Russian Federation.

The tasks of the meeting were discussion of the issues of COOMET development, realization of the “Agreement about mutual recognition of national standards and calibration Certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes” (CIPM MRA), the results of activity in the fields of “Legal Metrology”, “Information and training”, “Quality Management” and cooperation with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), International Bureau of Legal Metrology (BIML) and National Conference of Standard Laboratory (NSCLI).

The 12th meeting of the Joint Committee of COOMET on Standards during which the Chairpersons of Technical Committees made reports regarding the TC activity in 2013 and tasks for 2014 wad held on 15 April, 2014.

On the same day there was held the joint seminar КOOMET-BIPM “Effective organization of the process of comparisons and inspection of calibration and measuring capabilities (СМС) in CООМЕТ”, in which the Chairpersons of COOMET Technical Committees and the representatives of COOMET member-countries took part, and also the former director of BIPM M. Kühne and the Executive Secretary of the Joint Committee of Regional Metrology Organizations and BIPM (JCRB) Ch. Kuanbayev. The seminar was organized and held by the COOMET Technical Committee TC 4 “Information and Training” at support of the РТВ-CООМЕТ Project “Assistance to Regional Cooperation between member-countries of the COOMET Regional Metrology Organization”. The Chairperson of TC 4 P. Neyezhmakov was the seminar moderator.

The aim of the seminar was determination of the ways of improvement of cooperation between JCRB and the representatives of COOMET structural bodies; increasing of the efficiency of comparisons performance, decreasing of the terms of carrying out of interregional and intraregional CMC expertise.

During the seminar М. Kühne and Ch. Kuanbayev made presentations on the following issues:

General review of international contracts, agreements and arrangements in the field of metrology: Metric Convention and backgrounds of the Agreement CIPM MRA;

Mechanisms and consequences of the participation in the Agreement CIPM MRA;

- Interregional СМС expertise.

The seminar results have important meaning for the COOMET activity on realization of CIPM MRA.

The participants of the 24th meeting of the COOMET Committee were the members of the COOMET Committee and their official representatives, Chairpersons of COOMET Technical Committees and representatives of COOMET National Secretariats from 11 COOMET member-countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), representatives of International metrology organizations: Ch. Kuanbayev, the Executive Secretary of JCRB; S.Patoray, the Director of BIML, and also М.Chetintash and G.Hamid, the Director and Head of the Laboratory of the Metrology Institute TUBETAK UME (Turkey) correspondingly.

20 issues of the agenda were discussed at the meeting, including:

about acceding of the Metrology Institute of Turkey to CООМЕТ;

main results of the CООМЕТ activity in 2013;

COOMET Development Program for 2014–2016;

set of issues related to the realization of CIPM MRA;

about check of Quality Management Systems (QMS) of COOMET NMIs and perspective of the activity of the COOMET Quality Forum;

the results of the 31st and 32nd JCRB meetings;

the results of the 48th meeting of the International Committee on Legislative Metrology (CIML) and tasks of COOMET, resulting from its decisions;

about forming of COOMET structural bodies and appointment of Chairpersons of Technical Committees and Subcommittees.

During the 24th meeting of the COOMET Committee the Director of the Metrology Institute of Turkey TUBETAK UME M. Chetintash signed the Memorandum about cooperation with COOMET. The Metrology Institute of Turkey was accepted to COOMET as an associate member.

The COOMET Secretariat represented the information about performance of the decisions of the 23rd meeting of the COOMET Committee.

At discussion of issues related to realizations of the Agreement CIPM MRA, the significant interest was paid to performance of standards comparisons of the National Metrology Institutes (NMI) of COOMET member-countries. It was noted that there keeps the tendency of increasing of the total number BIPM (KCDB) key comparisons of CMC lines of COOMET member-countries published in  the database. The number of CMC lines of Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania (the data are submitted through the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURАMET)), is 4593 positions.

The Vice-President of COOMET responsible for cooperation with JCRB, P. Neyezhmakov  made the report about the activity of JCRB and decisions related to implementation of CIPM MRA, among which are: organization and performance of comparisons, preparation of CMC, holding of regional and interregional CMC expertise. There was represented the information relating COOMET participation in the interregional CMC-lines expertise of other Regional Metrology Organisations (RМО). According to the results of discussions of these issues there were approved some decisions related to performance of intraregional and decreasing of terms of interregional CMC-lines expertise.

The Chairperson of TC 4 P.Neyezhmakov informed the meeting participants and represented the report about the activity in 2013. The technical committee TC 4 “Information and Training”, held training seminars and V International Competition “Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 2013”. The participants of this competition were the representatives of NMIs from other RMO from such countries as Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Denmark, Italy.

During the meeting the new Chairpersons were appointed for:

- COOMET Quality Forum А. Odin, РТВ, Germany;

- ТC 3.1 “Technical Committee of COOMET Quality ForumN. Muravskaya, VNIIOFI, Russia

and the authorities of the Chairpersons were prolonged for:

- TC 1.7 “Photometry and RadiometryB. Hlevnoy, VNIIOFI, Russia;

- ТC 1.11 “Time and FrequencyV. Palchikov, VNIIFTRI, Russia.

At the meeting there were held the elections of the COOMET President. According to the results of the secret voting the COOMET President became V. Krutikov, the Director of VNIIOFI, Russia, for the repeat 3-years term.


For sufficient personal contribution to the COOMET activity the honorary degree “Honored metrologist CООМЕТЕ.-О. Göbel (Germany), S. Medvedevskich (Russia), Yu. Gasanov (Azerbaijan), from Ukraine – М. Rozhnov, the member of the COOMET Technical Committee ТC 1.8 “Physics-Chemistry” from Ukraine, SE “Ukrmetrteststandard”.