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In the conditions of restructuring of the economy of Ukraine, energy deficit, increasing of the cost of energy and heat carriers, water the unity of flow measurements and measurements of volume of liquid substances in Ukraine and increasing of authenticity of their accounting becomes more important. That is why this problem has the governmental importance. Last years the government approved a number of decrees, devoted to its solving.

Very widely the measurements of this kind are conducted in branches where the measuring instruments are as a rule under state metrological surveillance and control: in metallurgy, in fuel and energy complex (including nuclear energy), chemical industry, medicine, municipal and rural economy, trade, ecology monitoring etc.

The nomenclature of measuring instruments in this kind of measurements accounts thousands, and the number of measuring instruments of this group which are used in different branches of economy accounts hundred thousand pieces. These are mainly various anemometers, flow meters, water meters and oil meters, stationary tanks for oil and oil products, food and other liquids, transport measures of capacity, standard and technical meters, glass measures of capacity, level meters of different types (radiolocation, acoustic, floating-type) etc.

The upper level of the system of unity assurance in this kind of measurement is:

• national primary standard of length unit for liquid level;

• national primary standard of liquid volume unit;

• state primary standard of volume and mass liquid flow, volume and mass of liquid, running through the pipe line.

All these standards are unique complexes, where are used the modern achievements of mechanics, magnetic hydrodynamics, quantum electronics, computer engineering. There is provided a completely full automation of the process of measurements and results processing with the help of personal computers, what considerably increases metrological reliability of reproduction and transfer of the size of physical quantities.