State Primary Standard of Unit of Energy Illumination by Incoherent Radiation

Reproduction and maintenance of the irradiance unit by means of incoherent radiation.

The transfer of a unit of energy illumination by non-coherent radiation by secondary and working standards is carried out by the method of direct measurements.  As a source of measuring information, a stabilized measure of physical quantity measure is measured, namely, a comparator - an emitter in DETU 11-01-96.

Provision of traceability of measurement of energy characteristics of incoherent radiation is of great practical importance due to the fact that there are many enterprises and services in Ukraine, which are widely used means of measuring energy illumination with thermal and solar radiation, namely: metallurgical plants, thermal and nuclear power plants, meteorological, sanitary - epidemiological and fire-prevention services, ecological control stations.

Metrological characteristics


from 1⋅10 W/m2 to 1⋅105 W/m2

Uncertainty by type A (uA)



Uncertainty by type B (uB)


Total standard uncertainty (uC)


Extended uncertainty (U)