Transferring of the irradiance unit, which is obtained from the national primary standard of irradiance unit by means of incoherent radiation, to the measuring instruments of irradiance by means of solar radiation in actinometry.

Actinometric instruments are used in such branches of economical activity as building, agriculture, meteorology, solar technology, space research.

The secondary standard of the units of energy illumination with solar radiation includes a complex based on the imitator of the solar radiation of the AAA class.

Investigations that are carried out using the simulator give an opportunity to carry out not only high-precision measurements of the characteristics of solar cells, but also provide the correct simulation of different modes of their work, which allows to predict the characteristics of solar power modules in real operating conditions.

Metrological characteristics


from 10 W/m2 to 2200 W/m2

Uncertainty by type A (uA)


Uncertainty by type B (uB)


Total standard uncertainty (uC)


Extended uncertainty (U)