Reproduction and maintenance of the unit of time – second, the unit of frequency – Hertz, keeping of national scale of coordinated time UTC (UA).

Dissemination of sizes of the units of time and frequency and national scale of coordinated time of Ukraine to the secondary and working standards and also to working instruments of measuring technology by means of comparisons with the help of a comparator (quantum clock, which can be transported) by means of the method of indirect measurements (with the help of the signals of satellite radionavigation systems, standard signals of time and frequency, which are transported through the television, and also with the use of radiometeoric and other communications channels) and by means of direct comparison in accordance with DSTU 3538:2009 “Metrology. National verification scheme for measuring instruments for time and frequency”.

Metrological characteristics
time intervals
from 1⋅10-10 s to 1⋅108 s
from 1 Htz to 7⋅1010 Htz
Ratio RMS deviation under 20 independent examinations for 3 months
Ratio non-exceptional systematic error
Ratio frequency instability for the time intervals from 1000 s to 1 day
Difference between national scale of coordinated time of Ukraine UTC (UA) and International scale of coordinated time UTC
±1 ms
Expanded uncertainty (U):
by frequency
by difference of time scales
2 ns