State Primary Standard Unit of Kelvin Temperature in the Range from 273.16 K to 1357.77 K

Reproduction and storage unit temperature - kelvin. Transmission of the unit temperature of the secondary standards by the method of direct measurement and calibration at the reference temperature points in accordance with DSTU 3742-98 "Metrology. State Verification Scheme for Means of Temperature Measurement. Contact Means of Temperature".

Metrological characteristics


from 273,16 K to 1357,77 K

Uncertainty by type A (uA)

(0,01–1)·10-2 K

Uncertainty by type B (uB)

(0,01–0,26)·10-2 K

Total standard uncertainty (uC)

(1,4·10-4–1·10-2) K

Extended uncertainty (U)

(2,8·10-4–2·10-2) K