State Primary Standard Unit of Kelvin Temperature in the Range from 13.80 to 273.16 K

Reproduction and maintenance of temperature unit - Kelvin.

Transferring of the size of temperature unit to the secondary standards by means of the method of direct measurements and graduation of temperature in fixed points in accordance with DSTU 3742-98 «Metrology. National verification scheme for measuring instruments of temperature. Contact measuring instruments of temperature».

Metrological characteristics


from 13,80 К to 273,16 К

Uncertainty by type A (uA)

(5·10-4 –1·10-3) К

Uncertainty by type B (uB)

(4,1·10-4 –1,24·10-3) К


Total standard uncertainty (uC)

(6,4·10-4 –1,59·10-3) К


Extended uncertainty (U)

(1,3·10-3 –3,2·10-3) К