Research activities are not possible without metrology today, and, in their turn, they form the basis for the development of metrology itself. Only the best modern measurement technology and measuring instruments enable new discoveries; science, industry, and trade can only progress thanks to really developed metrology areas.

Global economy also depends on reliable measurement results and internationally recognized tests. As far as it is a question of global assessments a country should have internationally recognized top elements of the metrological hierarchy - national measurement standards.

The National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology” carries out fundamental and applied metrology research, produces, improves, stores, and uses primary and secondary measurement standards, creates size-of-unit transfer systems, develops normative metrological documents, draws up state metrology programmes and conceptions of development of the state metrological system, as well as performs state metrological control and scientifically assures the metrological activity in Ukraine.

In 2011 NSC “Institute of Metrology” celebrated a remarkable date - the 110th anniversary of its foundation, when on 8 October 1901 at the initiative of an outstanding scientist D. I. Mendeleev the first Ukrainian verification chamber was opened in Kharkov with the functions to verify and stamp trade weights and measures. Not only more than centenary history of the institute, but also the history of metrology and standardization in Ukraine originate from this event.

Kharkov chamber was renamed into Ukrainian Head Chamber of Weights and Measures in 1922, and Ukrainian Research Institute of Metrology and Standardization in 1933.

In the pre-war period, the institute was in charge of the implementation of the metric system and development of the verification work in Ukraine as well as launched research activities on metrology and standardization.

It took little time after the Great Patriotic War to restore the regular time and frequency office of the Soviet Union in Kharkov, to create some national measurement standards. In the 1960s the achievements of the institute on determining such physical constants as the proton gyromagnetic ratio and the speed of electromagnetic waves propagation in vacuum (i.e. speed of light) were internationally recognized. The obtained results appeared in the reference books and tables of values for fundamental physical constants. 

In 1972 the institute was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour for considerable contribution to the development of the metrological service in the country.

In the 1980s the institute moved to a new stage of development. By its order the Gosstandart of the USSR established “Metrology” Scientific Production Association in Kharkov, on 1 January 1981. The scope was extended to include the design and production of new measuring instruments for defence, their implementation and maintenance on the customer’s polygons or other sites. 

Great progress made by the metrologists of the institute was recognized by government awards. N. Vinokurov, А. Kleyman, V. Kopyl, N. Kravchenko, Yu. Machekhin, L. Nazarenko, V. Ogolyuk, Yu. Pavlenko, G. Sydorenko, V. Solovyov became laureates of the State Prize in Science and Technology.

In 2002 the institute was granted the status of a national scientific centre by President’s Decree No. 250/2002 of 15 March. The NSC “Institute of Metrology” now performs the functions of the Centre of Excellence for Measurement Assurance in Ukraine, Centre Service of Certified Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials, Main Center Service of Universal Time and Reference Frequencies.

The available scientific and technical potential allows the institute to successfully carry out contractual and long-term research for ministries, departments and several enterprises. For example, the institute has created NPP antiseismic protection equipment for the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, hologram identification devices as well as a whole number of other equipment.

Following the world tendencies the NSC “Institute of Metrology” carries out researches into the further improvement of the quantum reference points of the national time and frequency measurement standard, enhancement of the scope of the Josephson effect, application of the femtosecond laser to create, in future, an integrated time-frequency-length measurement standard, creation length measurement standards of the new generation in the nanometer range and the relevant gauges. 

The history of the scientific activity at the institute is rich and famous, with the focus on fundamental research. The scientific problems at the stage of the formation of the institute were worked out and implemented under the guidance of such members of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as N. Barabashov, А. Orlov, G. Proskura, as well as professors V. Bozhovskiy, N. Yevdokimov, А. Zhelekhovskiy, Yu. Kobzarev, P. Kopnyayev, А. Potebnya, D. Rozhanskiy, M. Sobolev, А. Shchukarev, V. Kandyba.

Today, there are 5 doctors and 28 candidates of science, 5 State Prize winners working at the institute. The institute has a postgraduate school and a special academic council for presentation of doctoral and candidate’s theses.

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