The first in Ukraine calibration chamber for adjustment and stamping of trade weights and measures was opened in Kharkiv on the initiative of the great scientist Dmitriy Ivanovich Mendeleyev on October 8, 1901. From this event not only the history of metrology and standardization in Ukraine but also the centenary history of our institute began.

The exposition of Kharkiv Museum of Metrology represents the standards of that time. There is a unique working standard of mass – the gilded weight of 1 kg that led the calibration hierarchy of mass measuring devices in Ukraine from the first months of the operation of the calibration chamber, viz. in 1901-1939;

Rifler’s pendulum clock with the accuracy movement of 0.01 s per 24 hours that was used in time and frequency service in 1925-1941;

line gage – metre, used in metrological practice till 1973.

Most part of measuring devices of that time was of foreign origin. Therefore the main tasks of our institute were to develop, create and improve our own metrological base. Thus, our institute was the first in the country to create quartz resonators for time and frequency service, a nuclear meter of magnetic field strength, impulse radiopyrometer for investigating large thermonuclear plants that had analogs neither in this country nor abroad, measuring complexes for laser certification. Photoelectric comparators for measuring high temperatures were created here for the first time in the world. The activity of the institute on the determination of fundamental physical constants – the gyromagnetic ratio of proton that provided the basis for specifying electrical and magnetic units, and light velocity the obtained value of which was recognized abroad and used when making the fundamental constant tables – received the worldwide recognition.

The models of metrological equipment represented in the museum were created in different years. 47 national primary standards (the total number of them in Ukraine is 57) and 15 secondary standards have been created in the institute since 1993. Besides standards which are unique, the institute develops and produces measuring devices for mass application.

Many of the instruments represented in the museum were displayed on domestic and international exhibitions.