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Activities of laboratory "Ukrainian service of reference materials" aimed at achieving unity and the required accuracy of the types of measurements that can not be provided with the appropriate standards of physical units - for what, metrological support of these measurements carried out through the development and application of standards of composition and properties of substances and materials.

Reference materials - is a measuring instrument as a certain amount of substance or material which is intended for reproduction and storage size value characterizing the composition or properties of the substance (material), which are set by the metrological evaluation, and which is approved as a standard sample in due course.

CRM is used to send the unit size in check, calibration, calibration of measuring instruments, with attestation of measurement, and in order to control the accuracy of the measurement results obtained by  attestation of measurement.

In Ukraine, the requirements for the development, production and use of reference materials is regulated by GOST 8.315 and other documents.

Types of CRM of Ukraine claim by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, on the recommendation of the Scientific and Technical Commission for Economic Development of Metrology (as given to him by experts of Ukrainian service of reference materials proposals based on metrological examination).

Duly approved CRM of Ukraine recorded in section 3 "Reference Materials" State Register of measuring instrument. Reference materials of foreign origin, the recognition of which is now Ukraine, recorded in Section 4, "Inter-state references materials". 

References materials, the details of which are contained in the State Register of measuring instrument can be applied in the field of metrological control and supervision.

As of 01.02.2013 the State Register of measuring equipment recorded in 1148 and 1362 types GSOU types of incinerators.