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14th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training"

On 31 October – 1 November 2017 according to the schedule of meetings of COOMET structural bodies in Chisinau, Moldova, the 14th meeting of COOMET Technical Committee of TC 4 "Information and Training" was held.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the results of TC 4 in 2016–2017 and the tasks of development for 2018.

Members of TC 4 and their representatives from 10 COOMET member-countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine) participated in the 14th meeting of TC 4 "Information and Training".

12 issues were discussed on the agenda at the meeting, including:

• main results of activity of COOMET TC 4 in 2016–2017;

• realization of Work Program of COOMET TC 4 for 2015 - 2017;

• Draft TC 4 Work Program for 2018–2020;

• implementation of COOMET projects;

• activity of Subcommittees of TC 4;

• election of SC Chairpersons;

• results of VII International competition "The best young COOMET metrologist 2017".

COOMET Vice-President, Chairperson of TC 4 P. Neyezhmakov informed the participants of the meeting about the results of TC 4 activity in 2016–2017 as well as about the conducted events within TC 4.

Secretary of TC 4 Yu. Bunyayeva presented the detailed information about the implementation of decisions of the 13th meeting of TC 4 and also the decisions made during the 21st meeting of COOMET President’s Council and the 27th COOMET Committee meeting.

The participants of the meeting had been informed about the results of the realization of the TC 4 Work Program for 2015–2017 and also the Draft TC 4 Work Program for 2018–2020. TC 4 Members approved the activity of TC 4 during the reporting period and expressed their proposals and notes for Draft TC 4 Work Program for a three-year period.

TC 4 Secretariat had been recommended to open the new COOMET Project for each planned training event within COOMET. Also the discussion on the improvement of the structure of TC 4 was between the participants of the meeting.

Coordinator from COOMET in CB&KT Yu. Bunyayeva informed the participants of meeting about BIPM Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer Programme (CB&KT) and COOMET participation in this Programme.

COOMET Vice-President, TC 4 Chairperson P. Neyezhmakov made the participants the presentation about the works on forming informational infrastructure of measurements.

The question about candidate of SC 4.2 "COOMET Informational Resources" and SC 4.3 "Raising Proficiency Level and Work with Young Metrologists" was also discussed at the meeting. It was decided to discuss the question about the election of candidate for SC 4.2 Chairperson at the 22nd meeting of COOMET President’s Council. A Member of TC 4 from Russia E. Kozmina was elected as Chairperson of SC 4.3.

The participants of the meeting had been presented the information about the results of VII International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET", which was held on 17–18 May 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan