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28th COOMET Committee meeting


On April 10, 2018, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 28th meeting of COOMET Committee, 16th meeting of COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards and the Workshop within the BIPM Programme on Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CB&KT) for the Heads of NMIs of COOMET member countries were held.

On April 10, one-day СOOMET-BIPM workshop “Sound beginning in the CIPM MRA” was held for the Heads of NMIs of COOMET member countries with the developing metrological infrastructure in the framework of the BIPM Programme on Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer (CB&KT) and the PTB-COOMET Project “Facilitation of regional trade and support of consumer protection of COOMET member countries” and SC 4.1 “Support in developing the basic metrological infrastructure of COOMET member countries”.

The workshop was attended by Heads of NMIs from 14 COOMET member countries of both countries-signatories and non-signatories of the CIPM MRA (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), as well as Ch. Kuanbayev, specialist of the BIPM department on international liaison, N. Zviagin, Executive Secretary of the JCRB, and Ian Dunmill, Assistant Director of the BIML.

The goal of the workshop was the effective involvement of COOMET member countries in the CIPM MRA implementation, exchange of experience in peer review of Quality Management Systems, comparisons, signing of the CIPM MRA.

The agenda of the workshop included 5 sections with the following topics:

1. Global quality infrastructure.

2. General information on Metre Convention.

3. Quality Management System.

4. Comparisons and calibration and measurement capabilities.

5. Key comparisons database of the BIPM.

During the workshop, COOMET Vice-President and COOMET Committee Member from Ukraine P. Neyezhmakov presented two reports “COOMET as an RMO and CIPM MRA related activities” and “Impacts of the CIPM MRA on the example of Ukraine”.

The 16th meeting of COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards was held the same day, during which the Chairpersons of Technical Committees made presentations on the TC activities in 2017 and tasks for 2018. Chairpersons of TC 1.5 “Length and angle” and TC 1.6 “Mass and related quantities” A. Kostrikov and I. Kolozinskaya, respectively, provided information on the activities of their TC during the reporting period.

COOMET Committee members and their official representatives, Chairpersons of COOMET Technical Committees and representatives of COOMET National Secretariats from 17 COOMET member countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), representatives of international metrological organizations: M. Milton, Director of the BIRM; B. Jeckelmann, Chairperson of EURAMET; W. Schmid, EURAMET Secretariat; Ian Dunmill, Assistant Director of the BIML; N. Zviagin, Executive Secretary of the JCRB took part in the 28th COOMET Committee meeting.

P. Neyezhmakov as COOMET Vice-President responsible for the cooperation with the JCRB, reported on the JCRB activities and decisions related to the implementation of CIPM MRA, including: organizing and holding comparisons, preparation of CMCs, holding regional and interregional peer review of CMCs. The information was provided on COOMET participation in interregional peer review of CMC-entries of other Regional Metrological Organizations (RMOs). Following the discussion of these issues the several decisions were adopted related to the quality of intraregional peer reviews of CMC-entries and the shortening of terms of interregional ones.

TC 4 Chairperson P. Neyezhmakov informed the participants of the meeting and provided the report on activities of Technical Committee TC 4 “Information and training” in 2017, held workshops and results of VII International Competition “The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET – 2017”, that was held on 17-18 May, 2017, in Astana, Kazakhstan. The TC 4 Work Program for 2018-2020 was approved.

For the considerable personal contribution to the COOMET activities, the title “Honorary Metrologist of COOMET” was awarded to P. Neyezhmakov (NSC “Institute of Metrology”, Ukraine), K. Bordiyanu (INM, Moldova), V. Palchikov (VNIIFTRI, Russia), M. Yarmolovich (BelGIM, Belarus).

During the 28th meeting of the COOMET Committee, an official delegation of authority to the new COOMET President V. Hurevich (BelGIM, Belarus) from the previous President V. Krutikov (VNIIOFI, Russia) took place.

A new membership of COOMET President’s Council was formed. The following members were elected as Vice-presidents: P. Neyezhmakov (NSC “Institute of Metrology”, Ukraine) – responsible for cooperation with regional metrology organizations as well as for training and knowledge transfer; P. Ulbig (PTB, Germany) – responsible for legal metrology, N. Mikanadze (GEOSTM, Georgia) – responsible for the quality management system and accreditation, S. Golubev (Rosstandart, Russia) – responsible for cooperation in the field of measurement standards and general scientific research.

The next 29th COOMET Committee meeting and the 17th COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards is planned to be held in April 2019 in Germany.