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VIII International Scientific Conference "Metrology and Instrumentation"

  • Ministry of Commerce and Economic Development of Ukraine
  • National Science Center "Institute of Metrology" 
  • Academy of Metrology of Ukraine 
  • National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technical"
  • North East the Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science

VIII International Scientific and Technical Conference
"Metrology and Measurement Techniques"
("Metrology - 2012")

9-11 October 2012 at the National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology" was held VIII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Metrology and Measurement Techniques" ("Metrology - 2012"), devoted to the current state of the methodology, the regulatory framework and measuring equipment and metrological support in a variety of measurements.

The conference was attended by experts in the metrology, standardization and measurement technology, faculty and graduate students in higher education. 150 papers were presented from Belarus, Germany, Russia, USA, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. On the conference worked 10 thematic sections.

From the Ukraine to the conference attended by representatives of 48 organizations from 17 cities (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Sumy, Poltava, Chervonograd, Chernigov, White Church, Odessa, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk) 10 territorial centers of standardization, metrology and certification of scientific and technical center of metrological support operation and maintenance of aircraft, LLC "Airline" Rosavia. "

As part of the conference was a meeting of the Technical Committee of standardization "Common rules and rules of the State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements" (TC 63).

Much attention was paid to the traditional as well as new and important areas of modern metrology issues override the basic units of SI, high technology, ecology, conservation, economic aspects of metrology. Topics of papers presented at the conference covers a wide range of issues: from quantum metrology (Josephson effect) and nanotechnology to geodesy, geophysics, and measurements made using space objects (questions of accuracy measurements using global navigation satellite systems).

The Conference notes:

  • high scientific level of the presentations and discussions held, due to broad participation in the conference of leading Ukrainian metrologists, famous scientists of Germany, Russia and other countries;
  • the need to further improve international cooperation in the field of metrology, for international comparisons of national measurement standards and harmonization of metrological requirements, rules and regulations with international instruments;
  •  particularly important issues of unity, the required accuracy and reliability of measurements as determining factors in the development of resource-saving technologies and high-tech manufacturing processes, the implementation of measures for the protection of the environment, prevention of emergency situations. 

The Conference recommends:

1. According to the decisions of the 24th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) to redefine the number of base units and SI reform priorities collective NSC "Institute of Metrology" to consider the following

  • conducting studies on the nature of new definitions of units, maintenance New SI and its implementation in Ukraine;
  • strengthening research on the use of quantum measurement methods and the establishment of appropriate standards;
  • refinement of plans and priorities for improving the work of state standards to reflect the decisions of the 24th CGPM.

2. Request the Department of Technical Regulation to take into account the work to implement the decisions of the 24th CGPM in planning the budget for 2013-2015., The relevant units of NSC "Institute of Metrology" to prepare the necessary proposals and justification.

3. Continue work on international comparisons of primary standards, the result of which is to confirm the metrological characteristics of the standards and the stated calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) NSC "Institute of Metrology" and state scientific metrological centers.

4. Continue to work on improving national primary standards, in particular, the State primary standard units of hardness Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell (DETU 02-04-99), the State primary standard pressure units for pressure (DETU 01-03-04), State primary standard of the combustion energy (DETU 04-06-97), State primary standard of frequency deviation of the frequency-modulated waves ( DETU  03-09-96), State primary standard of voltage alternating current in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 1000 MHz ( DETU  05-09-04) and ect. in accordance with the revised priorities.

5. The following sections offer support for specific types of measurements:

5.1. For general and legal metrology:

  • include in the plan of standardization in 2014 the development of national documents, harmonized with the documents EA and WELMEC calibration of measuring instruments and evaluation of measurement uncertainty in the calibration;
  • include in the subject plan NSC "Institute of Metrology" in 2014 research projects for the development of standardized calibration techniques;

5.2. For measurement of time, frequency and length:

  • continue the development of standards for time and frequency on the basis of Rubidium modules to be synchronized GNSS signals in the direction of improving the control algorithms synthesizer and improving processing standards for mass production;
  • continue the development work on the creation of standard measuring length in the nanometer range, which today are not covered by existing state verification scheme for measuring length;
  • continue the development work on the creation and improvement of standard gauges great lengths outdoors, including participation in the project JRP-09 European metrology research program "Metrology Geodesy greater lengths. Tracking kilometers to meters SI ".

5.3. For electric, magnetic and radio measurements:

  • consider the priority of work on research, development and use of quantum effects to create standards for electrical units of, in particular, the standards on the Josephson effect, Hall, and nuclear magnetic resonance;
  • consider it appropriate to the introduction of digital techniques and technologies in the average properties of measuring energy values ​​and parameters of quality of electric power based on the positive experience of their use in modern development UL NPP "Delta-VH" and NSC "Institute of Metrology".

5.4. For mechanical measurements:

  • considered priorities for the preparation and conduct of international comparisons on hardness testing, attract regional bodies to support the participation of the NSC "Institute of Metrology" in international comparisons of national standards of Ukraine;
  • consider it appropriate application of computer simulation to solve problems in the field of mechanical measurements.

5.5. For thermometry and photometry:

it is advisable to improve the standard base of Ukraine for the calculation of natural gas in energy combustion to modernize the state standard combustion energy DETU 06-04-91 regarding maintenance of determining the heat of combustion of natural gas in the global trend toward the development of energy-saving technologies pay special attention to the work to improve the regulatory and a reference framework to ensure the unity of measurements svetoizlu-emitting diodes.

5.6. For flow measurement, flow, level, and of substances:

NSC "Institute of Metrology", DP "Ivano-Frankovskstandartdmetrology" and "Naftogaz Ukrainy" to intensify work on the introduction of metrological practice in Ukraine the standard unit of volume and consumption of natural gas; NSC "Institute of Metrology" supported "Naftogaz Ukrainy" to develop a methodology for analyzing the results test meters of natural gas at the sites of long-term studies of gas meters, begin to address the problem of the calculation of natural gas, based on its energy value (calorific value) to continue to work to identify informative base height of the tank as an indicator of the stability of the metrological characteristics.

5.7. For ionizing radiation measurements:

ask the leadership of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Research and Training Center of Standardization and Quality Certification" (UkrNDNC) to December 30, 2012 to issue the following harmonized standards are presented in UkrNDNC  in 2004-2006.: DSTU ISO 8529-1:200_; DSTU ISO 8529-2:200_; DSTU ISO 4037-1:200_; DSTU ISO 4037-2:200_; DSTU ISO 4037-3:200_; DSTU ISO 11929-1:200_; DSTU ISO 11929-2:200_; DSTU ISO 11929-3:200_; DSTU ISO 11929-4:200_. 

5.8. ​​For information-measuring systems:

considered promising work on software certification of measuring instruments and metrological support components of channels built-in test systems by means of control, as it corresponds to a new approach to the traceability of end-user measurement services thanks to the "embedding" of metrology processes, products and services.

Following the conference:

  • Recommendation VIII IRTC "Metrology-2012" published on the website of the NSC "Institute of Metrology" and in the next issue of "Ukrayinsky metrologіchnogo magazine" (Ukrain);
  • best papers were marked on the sections, to recommend to the extraordinary publication in Ukrain;
  • during the follow-up conferences "Metrology and Measurement Techniques" to recommend to organize exhibitions measurement technique known manufacturers;
  • it is advisable to implement a long-term financial planning practice the establishment and modernization of the state standards indexing procedures of the estimated cost, adjusted for inflation. Apply to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine with a proposal to increase funding for the renewal of the facilities and the functioning of the existing state standards in the framework of the "State program of development of the standard base for 2011-2015.";
  • next IRTC "Metrology and Measurement Techniques" held in October 2014