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3D Models

An example of developed models for nuclear power plants in Ukraine

Making drawings based on 3D modeling

• Creating presentations and animations • Calculating the strength of ANSYS

Calculation of the strength of pipelines for nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

Design of various text documents, creation, design and approval of technical specifications (TU) for the equipment being developed. Design of souvenir materials (calendars, cards, pens) and business cards; development of design layouts, layout

The production department works with customers from the stage of technical elaboration of the idea to implement it into a real product, taking into account all stages of design, as well as conducting an author's support of the designed products.

The works are carried out by highly skilled specialists on modern equipment using advanced CAD and CAE programs in the shortest possible time, taking into account all wishes of the customer.

The production department is waiting for your ideas and suggestions at any time.