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The He-Ne laser with iodine cell is a source of а frequency stabilized 127J2 continuous transition of coherent monochromatic radiation in the red light.

The He-Ne laser with iodine cell is used for applications as a source of coherent radiation to ensure the uniformity of measures in linear interferometric measurements.

The laser is a climatic version of “UHL” category 4.2 (temperate and cold climate) as per GOST Standard 15.150-69.

Basic technical specifications:

Laser spectra


Laser radiation intensity, W

0.3 × 10–3

Relative instability of laser radiation intensity for 8 hours of continuous operation, %

≤ 2%*

Laser radiation wavelength, µm


Relative instability of laser radiation frequency for 8 hours of continuous operation, no more

3 × 10–11*

Relative error of laser radiation wavelength reproduction within 1 year, no more

7 × 10–3

The difference of laser radiation at the level of 0.1 rad, no more

1.5 × 10–3

Standby time, h, no more


Nonfailure operating time, h, no more


Mean life, h


Power supply

220V ± 10%, 50 Hz

*The parameters are provided when changes in ambient temperature reach no more than ± 2°C during laser operation.

Structurally, the Не-Ne/127/J2 laser is disposed in the outer case

The base of the Не-Ne/127/J2 laser is an invar resonator with external spherical mirrors. There is a rigidly fixed active element, which is a gas-discharge tube with a cold cathode and an absorbing cell filled with a molecular iodine isotope 127/J2, inside the resonator, strictly along its axis.

Не-Ne/127/J2 laser in the outer case
Iodine Cell