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Fields of activity

Experimental general engineering and instrument making production with closed technological cycle with the following constituents

  • metal cutting (sheet, circle, etc.);
  • pressing of rubber articles and plastics (maximum volume of 125 cm3);
  • metal plating;
  • paint films;
  • metal-working (lathe, milling, jig-boring work, cylindrical and surface grinding);
  • radio assembly work;
  • optical details making;
  • welding (of stainless steels, aluminum alloys, contact welding);
  • bending and rolling of sheet steel.

This makes it possible to manufacture products completely on our own production basis without involving any contractors.

The production is staffed with highly skilled experts with great working experience. Our production is interested in concluding economic contracts for making various products according to our technological capabilities.

Development of design documentation of a wide range of high-tech equipment to:

  • radio-electronic equipment and components for various purposes;
  • printed circuit boards of high complexity;
  • racks of electronic equipment and systems;
  • complex opto-mechanical devices and components;
  • household articles. 


  • instrument metrological support for nuclear power;
  • equipment space technology components;
  • spacecraft equipment and satellite systems;
  • devices medical equipment;
  • special-purpose hardware.

Now provides design these systems and general-purpose instruments on order:

  • System parameters define the environment СОПОС-1.
  • Measuring the temperature, relative humidity and pressure ИТВД-1.

Making a variety of textual documents.  Create, design and coordination of the technical specifications (TS) for the equipment being developed.

The production is staffed by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience:


  • manufacturing of parts, assemblies, equipment of any complexity according to the design documentation of the customer;
  • metal working (turning, milling, coordinate-boring works);
  • welding (stainless steels, aluminum alloys, contact welding);
  • bending and rolling of sheet steel up to 3 mm;
  • galvanic coating - Khim.Oks.prm .;
  • thermal treatment (including high frequency currents), cementation.