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We invite postgraduate students, PhD students, researchers for training!

The National Research Center "Institute of Metrology" is the main organization for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Ukraine. The reference base created in the NSC, consisting of 53 state and 16 secondary standards, is recognized as a national heritage. Our institution has a great scientific and technical potential and practical experience, which is transferred by improving the skills of specialists in the field of metrology in all types of measurements (AUV, EM, L, M, PR, IR, T, TF, QM) **

The Institute is constantly expanding and strengthening contacts with metrological centers of Ukraine and abroad, as well as with international metrological organizations COOMET, EURAMET, BIPM, OIML and others.

Experience in conducting training seminars, refresher courses and practical internships for employees of KazInMetra (Kazakhstan), Guilin University of Electronic Technologies (China), NIM (Moldova), AAL Group Ltd (UAE), etc.

* AUV – acoustics, ultrasound, vibration; ЕМ – electricity and magnetism (electrical, magnetic, radio frequency measurements); – length; М – mass and related quantities (mass, pressure, liquid flow, liquid volume); PR – photometry; IR – ionizing radiation; Т – thermometry; TF – time and frequency; QM – amount of substance.


The purpose of the internship is to increase the level of theoretical and practical training of young scientists by conducting original author's research using modern equipment and technologies, mastering the latest unique methods, gaining experience in research and teaching, information exchange and expansion of scientific contacts.

Internship for a period of 36 - 180 acad. hours are conducted according to agreed programs on the basis of research and production and under the guidance of leading scientists of the NSC "Institute of Metrology".

Internships are offered for young scientists who have scientific achievements and conduct basic and / or applied research at a high scientific level.

Topics of international programs

  1. Organization, conducting and registration of research results of metrological characteristics of national standards by types of measurements *.
  2. Interlaboratory comparisons of standards by types of measurements *.
  3. Verification of standards by types of measurements *.
  4. Calibration of standards and measuring instruments by types of measurements *.
  5. Estimation of measurement uncertainty.
  6. Laboratory specialist in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025: 2017.
  7. Test laboratory quality management system in accordance with
  8. ISO / IEC 17025: 2017.
  9. Calculation of measurement uncertainty in testing and calibration laboratories by types of measurements *.
  10. Internal audit according to ISO / IEC 17025: 2017.
  11. Analysis of measurement uncertainty in industrial metrology and thermal effects of coordinate measuring machines.


At the request of the Customer's company, we develop or supplement the topics of the programs.