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July 31, 2018 for the employees of the National Science Center "Institute of Metrology" chief specialist of the Department for Interaction with Subjects of State Registration and Improvement of Qualifications of State Registrars of the State Registration Department of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kharkiv Region G.Kotlyar within the framework of realization of the law-education project "I WANT LAW!" The lectures were held on the following topics:

"Do not know how to resolve the dispute?", "Get alimony!", "How to counteract domestic violence?", "You do not know how to issue a subsidy?", "How to execute a court decision?", "Protecting the rights of the child through legislative changes in the order compulsory collection of arrears on payment of alimony" ,"Take away business? Are the property selected?"

Also, employees were provided with information on the law-education project "I WANT LAW!"

During the law-enforcement event with the employees, issues related to the provision of free primary and secondary legal aid, the registration of a subsidy for the reimbursement of expenses for housing and communal services, the mechanism for implementing court decisions and informed about new initiatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in the framework of the projects #ЧужихДітейНеБуває (no abandoned children) та #СтопНасильство (stop the violence). Also, the employees of the above-mentioned National Science Center explained the rules of law that regulate the relationship between parents and children for mutual retention, including additional costs caused by special circumstances.