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Furnaces for realization fixed points tin, zinc, aluminum, silver, copper (1)

Thermostat for  fixed point gallium (2)

Thermostat for  fixed point indium (3)

Thermostat for Triple point water  Fluke 7312 (4)

Precision Thermometry bridge  F900 (5)

Precision Thermometry Bridge  microK  250 with SPRT  670SQ/25.5 (6)

Thermostat liquid  (fluid) Libra 785H ISOTECH (on the left)

Thermostat of oil Fluke 7308 (on the right)

Furnace with Heat Pipe Fluke 9116A for  fixed  points aluminum, silver, copper (on the left)

Furnace with Heat Pipe ISOTECH 17702S  for  fixed points aluminum, silver, copper (on the right)  

Cells fixed points aluminum and silver